Old vs. New

I dont like airport goodbyes – but I love to travel.  I prefer to have a clean organized space – but I shy away from just thowing things away to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. I love the comfort in an old friend – but thoroughly enjoy learning a new pals life story and middle name. There is a battle – you see – between the old and new. Most recently, this battle been filling up my days and taking up space in my mind.

Dont let the word battle fool you – there is not a negative connotation here – I’m just noting the tension between the old and new. Change is inevitable and growing is a good thing – soak it up and take it on face first. Chock a few up on the NEW side for some killer additions to my life (noted later) and I bid adieu to a few dusty old articles.


I love handshakes. They say it tells a lot about you and this is something I often get comments about. It may be because I have “man hands” (thanks stevo), but I divert all credit to my father – who taught me a firm handshake is a sure way to be remembered (along with having strong character). Seems like I have been extending my hand a lot lately – technically not all were to people – but in any case, I am saying hello to a few new things.

*for example*


So I met this gal Kam on Twitter. Sounds like a wierd-friend-blind-date although it was anything BUT that. After seeing some similarities between our taste in: fashion & photgraphy she suggested we go snap some shots of just that – fashion – and we did. We met down at none other than Pike Place Market, where in between chasing unsuspecting yet fashionable people down – we chatted about career dreams, hometowns, & favorite Seattle neighborhoods. Not to mention it was a spectacular summer day, so all-in-all a definite PLUS in the new category. (: 



small sidenote – We did have a purpose behind chasing people around Pikes. Kam is the writer (and camera) behind the local Thread+Needle blog which profiles a weekly hot-spot for gutsy-creative-ahead-of-the-game fashionista’s of Seattle. She hits up a neighborhood/public place/event and releases one picture per day of someone worth sharing. It’s a super fun concept and you may just be one of her unsuspecting victims…if you’re lucky, and well dressed.



*Next on the NEW list*


Leaving a home behind is never a fun thing; and not because of all the packing tape, cardboard, & heavy lifting involved – that’s a whole ‘nother story.  A few days ago, I (along with my 4 roommates) cleared a house to its bare walls…and those walls have seen quite a bit in the past 2 years. Countless  hours of studying, talking over every movie we watch, & eating dinner on the…kitchen floor. With that, we are pleased to leave 4411 behind and fix our eyes on the new 7727. Has a nice ring to it – and dining room table.


Now, I have done some moving in my life, but hot-dang I am sore. I had no idea a wrist muscle could be over worked, yet I type away carefully. I have always had a hesitant feeling when moving. What about all the memories?!? I guess, just like in relationships, starting over is not always a bad thing. Gives you a chance to skim things down, revaluate needs, and press on with a fresh outlook…and address.





Cool. Clean. Kitchen.










New spot to lay my head.









*honorable mention NEWbies*

Camera: Yep you got that right. My photographer mother lent out one of her Canons to me. Boo-ya baby. This means two things: 1) I have yet another thing to stack on the “must learn” list…right after Swedish. 2) I will have lovely pictures to bring back from my trip. (and it will kind of act as a pacifier, since I’m traveling alone.)

Flat boots: Dubbed my “walking boots” as I will be doing a lot of walking over the next month. So long to the Ford. Comfy Sweden Shoes was a must.

Tattoo: haha just kidding. Definitely not true.

Cash Monies: Picked up the paper that will take me through the next month. Never seen what they use in Denmark to buy their bread…until now. All of them are equally beautiful.


So, turns out the NEW won in the tug of war. Don’t be sad OLD, soon the new will become old and you will become seasoned. I am excited for all the new coming my way. Looks like old will not be on the back burner for a bit. New cities. New languages. New international friends. New…job. New Roof over my head.

New is nice – but I am still a fan of the old. After all, there must be a reason for the extended stay. Ah, the battle continues.

*A healthy mix of OLD/NEW*

It’s an old standing tradition that birthdays are done BIG in this house. From the morning that little bday girl wakes up – it’s her day and whatever she says goes. August 27th marks Brynn Noel Nelson’s day of birth so we upkept the old and started the celebration with an early morning breakfast. Quinn made the pancakes (while Erica dipped her fingers in), I got the Star-bucks and Brynn blew out the candles. and it began.




 Brynn, however, is not the OLD portion of this segment. She is the youngest of the group and just hit the big two-two.






The NEW part comes in right here. Sara took the liberty of setting up Brynn’s bday dinner at the oh-so-scrumptious Lucia in Kirkland. Sleek modern design. Italian spun food with live music & impeccable service. We loved it.




All in all a good mix and a good day. Welcome to 22 – I thnk you will enjoy it.

(Peace be with you)


No wonder people rave about Kirkland…just look at this little fountain. Lovely.

That is all for now.


~ by Andria on August 31, 2009.

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