I – by no means – consider myself a model, nor do I aspire to be one, nor would I ever venture to include it on my resume. I have, though, had a few experiences doing so – and man is it fun! Hey, I put on clothes everyday and I typically manage to walk in a straight line – so, when I got the call (ok, FB message) to represent for three local boutiques at the CRAVE Summer Dreams Party, I jumped at the opportunity.

I should apologize in advance for ALL the pink ink. But this is a post about CRAVE and girly stuff. So, I had to. Get used to it.


 Reigning from a family of entrepreneurs and planning on being a small business owner myself down the road – I am all for supporting local businesses. That is just what CRAVE is all about – that – and good food, great shopping, and gorgeous gals to mingle with. These events bring together likeminded entrepreneurs in cities all over the US (Portland, Atlanta, Chicago…) for not only an evening of networking but an opportunity to meet face-to-face with professional women you most-likely have been emailing, phoning, and yes – even Tweeting back and forth with.

I also reign from a family of out-going individuals which comes in handy at these types of events…and in life. You are no longer communicating from behind a computer or typing into your iPhone, but face-to-face smack dab in front of each other, so you better put on your lipstick and stick out your hand because events like these are a great opportunity to make some new friends – for business and pleasure – which is the best type of event.

Look around and you would have seen: a Trophy Tower of Cupcakes – yum! – Euro Makeup line Nouba via Derby Salon (used on our faces and I LOVED it) several local boutiques such as Noble Horse Gallery, Pala Pala Boutique,, the quirky face behind the much-buzzed Hotel Max – red fortune cookies and all, a pack of Firefighters promoting their famous calendar, and countless other local businesses that which made quite the vendor list – not to forget the one and only Teatro ZinZani for providing a velvet roof over our heads and the tasty apps. All-in-all, it was nothing but a packed house and night of entertainment.

The night was all-together seamless – although the runway appearance from CRAVE employee and Fashion Show mademoiselle Carly Holzinger (let’s just say I had a behind-the-scenes zipper issue) was not planned but turned out just dandy. Being in the event industry, I have learned you gotta roll with the punches or your game will be punched – and that is exactly what Carly did. We all cheered backstage as this could-of-been flub turned into an opportunity for the audience to see the mind behind the mastered show. Good job Carly!

Naturally, I snapped a few pics backstage. They dont compare to the Brick House Photography shots (check them out!) taken the entire evening but still, have a little looksy…we had a BLAST together!

First of all, I did not expect the CRAVE Party to be such a fun event *bonus* and I really didn’t expect to meet such awesome girls! Let’s just say Wednesday will not be the last time we spend time together. Although I doubt next time will include bellydancers, firefighters and event MC’s wearing wigs the size of Texas. Maybe.

Here Goes

 I know the pictures are muted and don’t provide live commentary – but just inject laughs, loud mouthed ladies chatting, and several spurts of hairspray. Yep, that’s about right.



Derby Salon styled us. Lots of clips, curls and curves.



This makeup line…Nouba…beats MAC. Hands Down. There, I said it.


When your lip color stays on over hours of chatting, snacking & wear…you know it’s a winner. Nouba. #33. Loved it.






Found my name & an outfit worth a whoot. Pala Pala line. All I have to say is, if you EVER need a dress to wear out on the town – try this Boutique, it’s in Mercer. Most were $60 & under and fit like a glove.  






 CRAVE kindly put together these Swag Bags for us. What a treat.





I snuck out to see how the room was progressing. Sneak peak at Pala Pala’s line straight ahead.


I dont plan on fingerwaving my hair any time in the near future – but Derby styled me well and i enjoyed having a BOB for the evening. No. Will not be snippin my locks off either…like I was contemplating.



From these lips, stems the cutest little Southern Drawl. Kristina. Loved her.






First Show: Noble Horse Gallery. Equestrian inspired –  The pants fit like a glove. A stretchy-leathery glove you dont want to take off.










Clippity Clop. These boots added a nice touch to our horse-inspired stomp down the runway.









This one’s a firecracker. It may be her East Coast class or the Scandinavian “quist” tagged on her name. Either way, quite gal to be lined up with.






It was love at first sight. This dress – from Pala Pala – was a fav for sure. I wanted to puchase this piece, but refrained. Somehow.  (;


All in all it was a smashin’ evening. From what i could tell the crowd loved the 3 shows as well as the other entertainment; and although i did not make any purchases – I did not leave empty handed: Made some new friends, scored some sweet swag and had a pretty much killer Wednesday night. I look forawrd to attending one of these events in the future for sure – just maybe on the other side of the stage.

CRAVE – satisfied my weekly cravings – for all things girly, fashionable and fun. For Sure. 

Want to see another ladies eye on CRAVE…? Click on local gal Kam’s (@kammart) “Needle+Thread” blog for a few more fashion photos from the event. 

~ by Andria on August 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “CRAVE-ings”

  1. wow lady, thanks for the link ! loved your write up…

  2. Well hello to you! Aint you somethin’!
    I did a bit of reading and love your outlook on life and your determination of one day being a boss lady! Lets try to get together before you leave, if not we will have to stir things up when you get back!
    (Thanks to Kam, I found your blog)
    -Kristina Krug

  3. Amazing blot post and FAB photography! Nice job!

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