I have been practicing something new: being a tourist. They say practice makes perfect and perfect is a good thing to shoot for – So, for the past month I have been shoulder to shoulder with quite the crowd of cruising visitors.

There are several reasons feeding my recent activities… 1) Apparently 9.1 million people visit this city per year – so why shouldn’t i enjoy some of the amenities that draw such numbers? 2) It’s summer…and everything is better done outside. Duh. 3) I have had the pleasure in showing a certain Hunnington Beach guest around…*cough cough*…I mean, converting a Hunnington Beach guest. 4) Soon, I will be the tourist, and I thought i would hop into character and remind myself how it feels to not know bus routes, best overlooks, and little coffee shop with a killer cuppa.

More importantly and more to your intererst, I have documented some of these activities with some photography. No, my Sony Cybershot did not accompany me (the Geek Squad is currently breathing life back into that thing…). Yes, you got it – my iPhone has been my trusty pal in these shots. Shameless iPhone app plug: If you have one and DO NOT have “Polarize” you seriously dont know what you’re missing.

I shall let you see for yourself. Go at it. Dont be envious, just download it…and yes, it’s FREE. doesn’t hurt.




Taken with my touring family. I want to blow it up and look at it every day.




Snapped with in my suit, soakin’ up the sun out in Sammamish. This cup is quite the invention. I think.






I had to. I know you’re not sorry. This had to be a big one. I took this at the Sculpture Park. With my H.B. guest enthusiastically following my every step thru this park – this was BY FAR the best shot I have ever gotten there. Not a real tree – but a real killer shot. 




Don’t touch. That’s the rule. But no one said, Dont Jump. So he did…well, I told him too. I’ve gotten some cool pics at this very spot. It’s becoming a favorite of mine.




andi graf



I am well aware you know what I look like – still – we snapped this mid walk thru Belltown. the entire wall is covered with this outrageous graffiti. I am no urban artist, but i think it’s a pretty unique piece.







Kerry Park is a must for those who visit Seattle. I just so happened to work from a place with this very view. It’s a really great spot…especially when there are no clouds or grey.   (:








Bellevue. It’s not all that bad. This was taken while sitting on a deck: Diet Coke in hand, fireplace a blazin, good company chatting away. And what summer nights are all about.







When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When you miss the bus by 3 minutes, you take advantage of the beautiful surroundings. Taken in front of Westlake Center.







Inside lies millions and billions of books. (: Maybe. This is the Seattle Public Library.I dont know what else could be more intriguing. It commands your attention from the curb. Every architects dream. Mission Accomplished.






Some girls dream in teal. I dont. But this lady Tiffany – is widely known for her superiour quality, well respected name, and ability to command a crowd. All things I wouldn’t mind having come to mind with my name spoken.





z wall



I am a big fan of this one. The picture, that is. I love the metal and the contrast. Hey did you notice the horizontal VS. vertical lines going on here? Ni-eeee-ce.








I once saw an old lady fall and SMACK her face right on the corner of this. Well, not this one. It was horrible. I will always think of her when I see this. BUT there is a litght at the end of the tunnel (& this pole) because it just proves that even the little things have beauty. Like the cool light poles downtown.





It rains so hard here, it indents the cement. Its nuts. Dont ever live here. Ok, actually that is an absurd lie. This is just another cool find at the Sculpture Park.







Now THIS is what summer is all about. Juicy. Face is drippin. Hands are stickin. The best.




No, I dont shop here. I just graduated. Get your story straight. I was simply walking by and noticed the lovely window display. Thankfully, there is no charge for looking.








You can’t control what happens when you’re sleeping. Luckily, I just thought a picture would be appropriate. I did, however, have a water bottle handy. Let’s call that grace.






Does this or does this not – just make you want to calm down and relax? Not that you are all amped up 24/7…but still, it’s quite serene.

day trees




Another winner. I think this is what the trees looked like in the Garden of Eden. Maybe. Probably a little bigger. This guys’ a weinie.








A classic summer favorite. Loved by many and forgotten by few. haha I dont know where i got that. Annnyway – this stuff goes hand in hand with summer.






Ok that is all for now, I am sure your eyes are tired. I am figuring out I really like to take photos. They are fun and plus its a darn good way to show where you’ve  been in life. There is always a story behind a picture and it’s fun to look back and remember.


~ by Andria on August 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “tourist”

  1. you take great pics! wow i am jealous, great ideas on these and i love your descriptions! taking pics is fun huh!!??

  2. wow ! love your tourist take on our city… very cool. mind if i link to you on my blog ?

  3. nice to FINALLY catch a wink of Zach. you owe me an update.

  4. Girl…you rock! And…you inspire me to slow down and enjoy life. Praise God for creating YOU!! He has great plans for you and I am sooo….excited to follow your life on your blog. KNOW that I KNOW nothing about this world of blogging and technology, but with your help….I may learn a little. Plus I think you may help me stay young. Life gets supper crazy as you get older. May the Good Lord help you always stay passionate and light hearted. That’s my prayer for you today with tears in my eyes. 🙂 Yeah, a little sappy moment with myself. Thanks. Jess

  5. I totally agree! You really do Rock. I hope it’s ok if I post your blog link too? Let me know, and I’ll be following you on twitter. Congratz on a cool blog, and great pics.

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