Music Maestro

By no means would I consider myself a music maestro, an up-&-coming MTV VJ, nor do I concert hop around town. No. Actually, I could be considered quite the opposite. I might as well be living back in Australia because i frequently am 2-3 months lagging in the latest & greatest tunage. (That is, unless my suitemate Erica ever-so-kindly blasts a song on repeat for 4 days straight…then I know it’s a real hit.) Not too long ago I downloaded this nifty tool called iTunes, threw away my hello kitty CD player and even uploaded some songs to my iPhone.   I. am. on. a. roll.

Just as it is within the duties of any good friend to pass along favorite restaraunts, must-see movies, & shops around town…so is it appropriate to share a hearty play list. I have been setting up shop with my face planted to my Dell lately (trip planning) and therefore have been seriously flying through my iTunes. Let’s get to the meat of the post: here are some kickin’ tunes you may or may not have heard.


I give an honorable mention to my best friends/roommates…for accompanying me to many hours of dancing, countless concerts, and jam sessions in the kitchen. Music, is a necessity.

Let your ears soak in the beauty. 

1.) “Grace” by Kate Havenevik – her soft-smooth voice is like a mother’s lullaby. this is an ideal song to calm your little pitter pattered heart. i know it does for me. mmm.

2.) “Golden Train” by Justin Nozuka – I met this little Hawaiian hearthrob when I went solo to his concert at Nuemos.  I believe I then only listened to his CD for the next solid month. He has a voice like none other – not to mention – this song makes you wanna drive down the road and just sing at the top of your lungs. I may have done that as well. Listen to this song at:  Check out his video for “After Tonight” – Love it….

3.) “Laughed Until We Cried” – Jason Aldean – If you loathe Country music…proceed to 4. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy an awesome country song (told in story format of course). It’s slow. It has a happy story. I like it. Honorable Mention: “Big Green Tractor” is his latest single and is Dee-vine.

4.) “Disappear” – The Gabe Dixon Band If you listen to ONE song from this post…listen to THIS. Scratch that, listen to his whole CD. Piano Player / Writes his own songs /Oh ya, and turned down touring with Paul McCartney. Let me just say that his songs will improve your mood and wish you had actually practiced the piano when your mom said. (He opened at the J. Nozuka concert and took the place by storm.) Listen here: Did you see “The Proposal?” Ya, his song “Find My Way” was in the movie. I met him! Saweeet.

5.) “Get over it” – The Eagles – We’re taking it back here. I dont know what you hear when this tune comes on BUT i can only think of this: “the Lindquist family hits the base of Schweitzer Mtn. at 6:30 a.m. – this promptly comes on. Grab your ski gear from the back of the suburban and get dressed. No messing around and dont forget your mitten.I surely have heard this song 284 times but I still love it and will probably play it when I take my kids skiing. (It’s also our “family motto” which gives you a little background on my ability to sympathize.)

6.) “21 Guns” – Green Day – I realize this may be on the NOW 67 cd but I am a big fan. Enough said. Mainly I like 1:05 – 1:27.

7.) “Angel” by Sarah Mclachlan – Fall is coming. That means a few grey skies, mugs of tea and a good comforter. This song may be as old as those jellies in your closet, but I dub it a classic and therefore you may wanna pull it up once October hits.

8.) “Already Gone” – Kelly Clarkson – I have previously raved about this song. I am not some crazed American Idol fan, nor did I cry when Paula announced her departure this week BUT this song alone earns Kelly a big high five.

9.) “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas – Some songs you just like. It makes you wanna stand on the couch and hop up and down with your friends or run through the streets with a boombox on your shoulder. Considering our neighbor (Riki Tiki) might get mad with the latter idea…I will remain jammin to this in my room or on a work out. Watch the unconventional video at:

10.) “Get Rhythm”- Johnny Cash – If you’re tired of the overplayed J.C. songs…and dont find yourself in a ring of fire very often then move on this this little diddy. I can boastfully say i have every word memorized. Dont believe me? Well , I’m mot uploading my karaoke video debut – so let’s just go off my good word.


As usual, this “short post” turned into a…not so short post. I have that tendency. My Bad. So that’s that. These are my random Top 10 for you to check out. I will be posting Top 10….of other genres. Maybe Top 10 books, types of tea, countries…ah, who knows. Stay tuned.

~ by Andria on August 12, 2009.

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