tic toc

Let me go on the record and say that I will not and do not see myself anywhere but the 206 and occasionally the 425 (Seattle and Eastside, guys), well, to be clear – I do see myself strolling the streets of Sweden for the month of September – but that is a temporary fix. No, I will not be packing up and heading South to a rural Texan town (love you KT) but I am strumming up ways to remove myself from the hustle and bustle – even if it is 23 minutes each day  in order to be refreshed and ready to roll for the day to come.


School is over. My life is no long guided by a syllabus. So why the heck do I find myself continually setting timelines and to-do’s in my head? Tic Toc – Tic Toc. Good question. Now, if I could only answer it. Besides the fact that I typically frown on those who include napping in their daily activities – you can run your life however you want. I, however, like to fill my day with something more than zzzz’s and a lion head of hair. This brings me to the point of this post. Doesn’t it feel good to actually do something.

Now, you will not catch me walking the Seattle streets barefoot and using the suns’ spot in the sky as my clock. But hot dang, something’s gotta give. Let’s go back to kind-ee-garten: there will and always be 24 hours in the day and according to my Suite Mate Erica, 10 of those hours are to be filled with shut eye. Realistically, we all should be able to separate out the various aspects in our lives: the daily grind (or for the lucky ones…the 9-5 bliss), growing pile of clean yet unfolded clothes that now must go back in the dryer, remembering the dang linen grocery bags for the endless trips to the store….you get it.


But will our lives – or should our lives – really be marked by the necessary although not meaningful lists that pop up every hour on the hour? Recently, my perspective was challenged…and the answer to the previous questions would be a ha-elll no. Pardon my french. Think about it, go back 4 months and 17 days. (March 22nd?) What was going on in your life? I was in school, studying like a dog, nannying, and going on every informational PR interview i could. That is the fluff. That month marked the annual Spring Break trip with 3 lovely ladies i call sister/best friend/roommate to a quaint little town called Vegas. Wow, flashback to the best time ever. This is the stuff worth remembering.

 I guarantee if you take 3 minutes to tip toe back a few months….heck, years – you will not remember what was written on those annoying little post-its around your desk. No. Close your eyes and i bet you will be soaked up in thoughts of time spent with family laughs,  friends, and that  project you nailed at work. That puts a little zing into the daily drone. Let us (including me!) look for one – at least – encouraging/fun/giddy/blessed part of our day, week, month.

What happened to you today that will be thought of later down the road? I think I will remove that little clock in my head for – at least ….hmmmm, the next day or so. (:  I guess, this is my way of drawing out the old saying, “Stop and smell the roses.” Only up here in the NW…maybe, stop and sniff the Starbucks?  (mmm, nothing better than the smell of those beans) Ok that is all for now. Enjoy your day.


~ by Andria on August 9, 2009.

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  1. You make me smile and really think when I read these Andi!! thanks

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