map it out.

I get pretty excited with a good plan. Ok, so what are we gonna do?  Let me rub my hands together and piece together a little outing. Now, it is the season of summer and besides the fact that we actually have blue skies until almost 9pm (woohoo), warm wind at our backs, and the ability to wear open toed shoes (a no-no in the rain) there are also a plethora of activities to take on in this lovely city. Now dont you worry, for my large readership of out-of-towners (just let me pretend) i will include some things for you too. So don’t pout.

In parallel to my previous post about – learning – there is a similiar thought in that I am continually learning new fun things to do. On a completely unrelated note, I do in fact have a thrifty thread in me and I also like to do activities that dont cost 7 hours of work (yes – I am an hourly paid employee right now – so that’s how I measure costs. haha)  Let me throw out the line…you may wanna bite.

Sail Races around Elliot Bay Marina


I recently learned of these awesome sailing races in Elliot Bay. This is a treat. Last week I walked up to a sail boat called The Typsy Gypsy and hopped on for my first sail ride. So to fill you in: Arrive in Elliot Bay at 6pm. Pick a boat (ask first) and hop on. Proceed to make new friends as you whip and ride past the piers and then back towards Discovery Park. All for FREE. whoa. Afterwards there is a catered BBQ, Free Beer and Wine, and a TON of people all outisde chit chatting. Talk about a winner of an evening. Plus it happens to be beautiful. Have a looksy.

Note: Don’t Wear a dress (I learned the hard way) and Don’t be late (they dont wait).

Park it Here

380 - Copy

Maybe you have this figured out already – or maybe you’re oblivious – but Seattle has a heck of alotta parks. I have stumbled upon a few in areas i had NO idea parks would exist. So, a fun little thing to do is take a snack, a big thick blanket, a good book/magazine/or chatty friend and just go chill in the park. Walk around. Pick a flower. Its a beautiful thing.

Try Out: The obvious = Kerry Park. The Biggest = Discovery Park. Most Quaint: I dont know the name but its on Queen Anne by Nob Hill. Closest to the Water: Madison Park. Best Park for a Stroll: The Arboretum. Or just walk into a neighborhood, you’re bound to find one.

Oh So Festive


Pick your poison. Seattle has quite the loads of festivals worth attending. These are a fun little outing – considering it’s 1) Usually Free.  2) Has a fun theme.  3) Hands out loads of cool “promotional” (free) stuff.  4) You get to see all sorts of people.  I recently trapsed over to Seafood Festival in Ballard and man was it a good decision. We took full advantage of the massive side-walk sales, food samplers, firefighters (woot woot), and cute little booths. So click on the link and find a festival that tickles your fancy.

Old School Movies

I have always dreamed of packing my own popcorn, blanket and rolling on in to an old fashioned outdoor theater. Hello. One exists right over in Fremont. So, the Fremont Outdoor Theater (creative name) plays movies on this huge cement wall every Saturday night and they “suggest” you pay $5. Schwing. I cant wait to do this one.


Museums aren’t for everyone. Just people that like to learn. And well, if you still think they are boring…what if it was free? True to myself, if something is free….I might just take you up on it. So, the first Thursday evey month several museums around Seattle offer First Free Thursdays (another creative name) and have a waived entry. Often times they give you wine and cheese/crackers. Either way, kinda cool right?

Morning Walk 001


Do the wine/beer tour at Chateau St. Michelle or one of the local breweries. 

Take a board game to a coffee shop and play (cold month activity)

Drive to a new neighborhood and completely explore it –> Restaraunt, Park, Shops. Always good to mix it up.

Sneak into a hotel pool/hot tub (another cold weather activity)

Lake Union offers free Sunday Sail rides for 30 minutes

Go to Cinebarre – Eat.Drink. Movies.  REALLY fun.

Go to a little beach (yes they exist in Seattle) like this one:


 That rounds out my list and pulls the ideas from me head. As always, If you have a great little to-do…share the wealth.

curious george: yes i took all these pics myself.


~ by Andria on August 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “map it out.”

  1. wow seattle reminds me alot like Spokane….. ok that was a Big joke. we are lacking in a few of these departments… love the space needle picture. you are getting good my Dear! and jumping over the water is fun. Wish we had parks lke those you mentioned.
    Love to read your Blog, well done and i will pass it on. Love you, Mom

  2. way to use “schwing” properly.

  3. You’re amazing…miss you but so glad to know you 🙂

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