This has nothing to do with diapers. This has everything to do with living & learning. So I was listening to a pretty wise man speak a few days ago and one of his points really stuck with me: Be a humble learner. Now, apply it where you will, but I think it can be applicable to oh so many areas.

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Lets jump down off that high horse and onto something a little more fitting, hmmm….how bout a miniature pony? Ree-al-ity check sister. Andria, you’re 22. And although you may have some schooling, experience, & life under your belt. You are by no means the bees knees. Hold on, let me yank myself out of the 3rd person. phew, what just happened. Point is – whether you want to insert this mentality into you career, family dynamic, modge podge hobby, knowledge of city offerings, faith, spanish verb usage – it just makes sense. We fully expect our favorite website, author, designer to be learning/growing/rolling out new skillz – so we best be doin the same oin our own lives.

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This is just a snipet blog. Shall I call it a Slog? Short, sweet and to the point. Often the task for me to do, at least in writing. So that is that. I will leave you with the words that have been on my mind for a few days OR in case you are skimming this and missed the root of this whole dang post: Be a humble learner. Pick up a book, model a mentor, take that hard advice, listen to your mother. All of the above.  chow. may the peace be with you. (:


~ by Andria on August 4, 2009.

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