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Ahhh, back in the writing saddle. The lapse in my buh-logging has been due to the fact that reality hit and I have 39 short days until I make my voyage to the land of blue eyes, blonde hair and a lot of …”son’s” & “quist’s” – not Ballard, SWEDEN that is. So, I had to take my typing fingers and put them to work organizing my month long trek thru Scandinavia.

Somewhere along the way I got to thinking, “I wonder what little cultural doo-dads I will come across in Sweden?” Oh, my mind wonders. I think it is odd how what counts totally normal in one culture and country – is completely out of the ordinary in another. Probably has to do with the Tower of Babel or the Flood. haha, ok maybe not.


As you may or may not know, I once lived in a castle up on a hill in Australia (previous blog name) when I studied abroad in Manly Beach. The kick is, though, it was in International school – aka – in the 3 months I lived there, I came across a plethora of cultural norms. Interesting at the very least. For instance:

  • AustraliaObviously they drive on the other side of the road but that also means you walk on the other side, for some reason i could NOT get used to this and continually ran into people. oops. People are never in a rush – this was mostly annoying at the grocery store, hello hurry up. Speaking of lines, they invade your space, absolutely no personal bubble. Say No Worries like nobody’s business and include pills in their weekend routine. No not prescription.
  • Yo, my Euro’s – Why not start dinner at 10 p.m.?…and have it last 3 hours.
  • Indee-yuh – Music. Wealth. Computers. That is the norm.
  • My Sweet SwedeNever have I met such beautiful, dainty, fashionista’s…only thing is, can the girl’s puh-leeeeze purchase a Venus? Razor, that is. I don’t believe the planet is for sale yet.
  • Germany – ehh, I’m bored of this recap.

Ok, enough of that riff raff. Point is, I love to travel and while it may be a challenge at times to adjust to the differences in norms – please oh please – do not forget when you’re in someone else’s homeland, you play by their rules. Your coffee may not arrive in a grande cup and there may be a different way to go about a handshake, but embrace those little odds ‘n’ ends because if you wanted everything to be like it is in America – you. should. have. stayed. in. America.


I promise, I shall keep a detailed diary of the not so normal norms in Sweden. Can’t wait to see what those crazy herring loving people throw my way. 39 days. 39 days and counting. Lots to do and lots to learn.

…and yes, I took these pics via my travels. can’t wait to share my swede shots.


~ by Andria on July 28, 2009.

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