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If you’re here its because you feel like wavering through whatever came into my mind today. Lucky for you, it was a toss up. Everyone has there go-to ________. Whether its a person, website, magazine, steak sauce (A1), TV channel, nail polish color…you get the point. Essentially, everyone has a list of their “favorite things.”

Each of us knows word of mouth is the BEST way to spread the it thing, likewise – if its anything hot-&-bothered – you better bet news will spread like wildfire via the tongue. SO, I thought to myself…how can I spread the wealth? Viola! I will shall give you my favorite things list. Great idea



You could find me every Monday at this quaint coffee shop last summer with a full spread of: my Dell, a few snacks, several notebooks and my little spirals and of course a beautiful little Americano. Sure, I’m proud of the monster Starbucks that stomps down almost every street in the nation (soon to be world) but this used-to-be-home now coffee shop has unconventional seating with couches, desks, chairs, stools and best of all – outdoor seating. Walk past that bare breasted mermaid and into Canal Street Cafe. You will love it.

smirky perk – It’s OPEN AIR, so the delectible days we are having this summer make the perfect opportunity to sit out on their deck and share a cuppa.

*102 NW Canal Street Seattle WA 98107*


So you think you’ve got talent? Consider yourself “artsy?” Well just take a little looksy at this SEATTLE–>ARIZONA transplant artist/photgrapher/designer/goddess-extraordinaire and you will go back in your shell like a timid turtle. Her name is Promise Tangemen and I PROMISE you she does work like you’ve never seen before. Her personality is just as quirky and fun as her hair – and has quite the skill set. I mentally booked her for my wedding…now i just need a few other details – like a groom. (: Not now. Not now.

andi garage - Copy (2)

She BLOGS her recent work and I hear will soon have a clothing store online?…cant wait. Take a peek at her work: and follow her on Twitter @PromiseTangeman

tidsy bit: My family & I had the privelege to trapse around Phoenix with her for a photshoot – which turned out unlike your usual boring portrait-on-the-mantle pic. Here is proof:

bridge 3 - Copy

UP & ADAM: GoTime Seattle

Seattle is a big city and there is lots to do. How in the heck do you track it all? Well NOW you can! This go-to guide website came across my fingertips a few weeks ago and I have already used it several times. Conveniently, the home page gives you real time listings of all Happy Hours, Concerts, and Events going on in Seattle. You can create your own calendar – pick a particular neighborhood – date/time – or update your interests and it will give YOU suggestions. Bored? Just click and be on your way to a certain good time.

So Wait, you can specify a day/neighborhood/time/music genre and then they give you REAL TIME eventst? Yep. Pretty Cool I think, especially for you non-creative-planner types.

clickity clack: Not only does it have an iPhone app ( BUT if you follow them on Twitter @gotime_seattle and you could win free tickets like I did! Easy Schmeezy.


turns out my “favorite list” could turn into something quite lengthly. Maybe I’ll just give you snid bits of my large list and keep you waiting. (: Patience is a virture I hear.

In the mean time, you may want to check out some of my other honorable mentions:

  • – where you can start YOUR OWN website that suits any featish/feature you have your eye on. 3 easy steps and a webiste is ALL yours.
  • If you’re a girl and you want cutesy clothes but cant spend your whole summer salary – head on over to PITAYA on University Ave. The girls and I discovered this awesome boutique freshman year and have been adorning ourselves with their unique duds ever since. *4520 University Way NE*
  • Need a jaunt in the park? Somewhere new to read and relax? Hop on over to The Locks in Magnolia. Currently, it is only a hop-skip-&-jump from my house (not that much longer) and has rolling hills of lucious green grass and plenty of space to chill with your homies. (: Plus there’s a fish ladder!
  • Flying internationally any time soon? Take a look at where i snagged my $580 R”OUND TRIP to Sweden.

Gotta love it. more to come…Ta-TA

ps. do you have a favorite ____ANYTHING___ I should know about? Do tell.



~ by Andria on July 21, 2009.

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