3** N Prospect

Over the past 3 years many-a-hours have been spent at this address. Like many SPU Females, I was a nanny for a Seattle family throughout college. I swear, SPU might as well put “are you available to nanny weeknights” on the college application because most everyone i knew…nannied while at SPU. Is this somehow connected to the Ring by Spring wivestale that floats around campus? Like, nannying throughout school prepares you for motherhood – considering you’ll likely (according to the tale) have a ring on your left hand senior year? Wow. Rough rabbit trail.

Either way, most girls flit and float between several families year to year. Not me. I lucked out i guess. (: For three lovely years I had the previlege to nanny for a family known as: The Hunters. (John.Katy.Sam.Maddy…and Boo must not be forgotten). In addition to providing tutoring, pick-up/drop off’s, various meals made (top romen), “how to be a gentleman” coaching, and line prompting for Broadway Bound – they actually gave a heck-of-alot to me. I will not detail them the list.

All you need to know is that, considering I was displaced from my own family throughout college, it was a blessing beyond words to be able to “be a part” of a family atmosphere, be in a real home, and escape the mis-functions of a college house (running toilets, broken washer, no heat, etc). Literally, within the last few hours of holding my nanny title with the Hunters – I took Sam and Maddy throughout Queen Anne for a little foto-shoot. (: We had fun. Mad’s a ham – and Sam may have acted like i was pulling teeth – but deep down I know he liked the shoot.

Thanks to the skills from the Bartell’s employees we had the pics developed and in frames all in time for dinner at Cactus. mmmmm. SO – here they are. My mad skills as a photographer may not be worthy of your wedding but we made do for this quick little activity. La tee da. Enjoy.  018055033038 - Copy078063041107

Like I said. We had fun. A few minutes of snapping photos and walking ’round Queen Anne can now be remembered in this delightful pictures. Ahh memories. As you can tell, these two are full of attitude, spunk and spirit…we got along quite nicely. I shall miss seeing them every week. Good thing I know where they live. (:


~ by Andria on July 13, 2009.

One Response to “3** N Prospect”

  1. I could use you as a assiatant shooting my next wedding, pretty good pics Andi! Love you mom

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