mixed kind

i often write about a particular theme or idea. There are, though, parts of me that will never be newsworthy or novel enough to deserve its own post, but might be a delight to read on a sunday afternoon. here are a few.

LISTEN: I LOVE “Already Gone” by the first winner of American Idol: Kelly Clarkson.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9Yq9D898N0) I have played it about 13 times since yesterday.

048g - Copy

REWIND: I often hear songs and instantly think of a particular time/person/situation connected to that song. Some say smell is the strongest way to strike up a memory or person…I think mine is with song.

CHECK LIST: My trip to Sweden is 2 months away and I have yet to plan one stinkin thing for it – besides buying my flight – I am now dubbing Monday’s (my day off) as Map out Monday, where I will plan out whole my Sweden trip. Lots to do.

OWL: My dad has posed the question several times, “what do you want to be remembered for?” My answer is and will remain as – a loyal person. Friend/Sibling/Spouse/Employee. Applicable in different ways for each, yet something I think is a core to strong relationships of any kind.


INNOCENCE: I fell victim to the “taste the rainbow” campaign as a  young girl and planted skittles in my front yard. (more than once, just in case the first was a fluke.) I’d like to think i still possess this hopeful thinking.

HIDE&SEEK: I plan to have two tattoos at the end of my life – neither being visible to the everyday public, but still they will exist.

Any of these topics strike up a similiar thought for you?

What song are you semi-obsessed with?
Any BIG thing on the chopping block?
Have a snicket of advice that comes to mind often?
Remember something from your childhood innocence worth sharing?

that’s all for now. buh-bye!


~ by Andria on July 5, 2009.

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