can you. should you.

It is the age old phrase every youngin loathes, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” This may be frustrating for the 12 yr old is told this when holding back the perfect spit wad from his little sister – it’s in the straw already, just awaiting launch. But, as I have learned – phrases heard countless times while growing up still count when you get older. It’s not always about spit soaked paper projectiles.

I have seen this phrase prove useful over my collegiate days (as you can imagine) and still into my post grad days…all 17 of them.

But how am I finding this train of thought to be a challenge? Let me just paint the picture…and predicament. It’s 11-something and I am already lying in my bed, but a thought came to me as I was brushing my teeth (and I didn’t want to lose it) so I thought, “hey, I’ll just blog it real quick….on my WordPress iPhone app that allows me to blog from anywhere (pretty great, i think). But that right there is the predicament.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I am quickly finding out this electronic world at my fingertips draws me in quite like a newlywed couple: I just can’t get enough of….mac. (no I will not name my phone). Daily, I find out new and fun things and features…but as any ______ junkie knows, there is a price to pay for the draw.

For tech pheens…it could be missing something cuz you head was down (like me walking across the st. today wout looking up from my new FML app…so funny btw) or ommiting your presence in a goodbye conversation w a roommate cuz you’re flipping thru new tweets or….you get the point.

Point being, as in anything – it’s all about balance and timing. Although I am quite enthralled by this little bad boy – I am writing this down to remind myself – people will not always be there and moments can be lost in an instant. Let’s not let ourselves get too hooked in to connecting with those not around us…and forget those around us care about our eyes.ears.attention just as much.

That, and let’s remember the other elementary saying, “look both ways when crossing the road.”


~ by Andria on July 2, 2009.

One Response to “can you. should you.”

  1. I totally agree with ya. Fun little gadgets (I LOVE my fill of techno geek toys), but if you look around all walks of life are glued to these little wonder toys (and nooo not just the “mac attack”). Everyone’s so busy telling ppl what’s going on in their lives when really the main thing going on is txt’ing, inet browsing or “tweeting”.lol Meanwhile, everone around them is busy making sure they don’t run them over when they’re crossing the street (for example) oblivious to everything outside of the 2″ X 3″ screen.:) Can you imagine the days when we didn’t have these things,,, or GPS or even the inet. Wow,,, actually getting a hold of someone was a feat in it own right, let alone trying to figure out directions to meet them somewhere! A long backpacking trip where there is no service is a grrrrreat way to ween off of the multi media addiction!:) However, so is accidentally dropping it in the toilet…

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