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We do things a little different here in Seattle. We ride our bikes to work. We bring reusable cloth bags to the grocey store. We even think it’s normal to roll out a compost bin on trash day. But dont think for one second that we are some hippy-freak-city (well, not completely) because some serious businesses have sprung from these sometimes wet and slippery streets. Shop at Nordstrom? Ever heard of Microsoft? What about sip from a Starbucks cup or search for this blog on Google?

As stated before, we do things differently and that’s is where much of my love for Seattle comes in. Citizens of Seattle have options. I am slowly learning and incorporating this, now that I am a 4 year old Seattle-ite. So, on my day off (and after an unsuccessful attempt to get an iPhone) I stopped by a few unique to Seattle shops. “Shop Local” is a common phrase around here and I have come to see not only does it support our fellow 206 businesses…but you get to see some really quirky-unique place (and people).



This place is the best. Walk on it, but watch out for the inclined slope step, as I have been known to trip easily and often. Any girl could be there for quite some time – they carry organic make up, dainty jewelry, books not appropriate for your coffee table, so-cute shoes, hand-made-humous cards, and of course – purses and bags. Let me stop there. This has been a weakness of mine in the past. What can I do.

I made a purchase. Not a “impulse-buy” that can reap havoc on your bank account. I was first introduced to Jane Marvel when I shopped at Burnt Sugar graduation weekend. That day, I saw this great bag and new it would be mine. Wow, this is getting pretty intense. 🙂 So I bought myself a graduation present (aside from the trip to Sweden) and got my 1st big-girl backpack. Now that I have a Bachelors Degree, I better have something professional to carry to work, right. Justifications.

104 - Copy

What do you think? Woops, the whole local thing I guess went out the window. Jane Marvel is out of New York. Still, a local boutique. Right?

http://www.yelp.com/biz/burnt-sugar-and-frankie-seattle  (LOCAL REVIEWS)

Walk on over and check this place out – 601 N. 35th Street


As a little girl, I used to spend hours going through all of my Great Grandma Desyl’s (introduction via posting on its way, I’m sure)  precious things in her attic. Ten minutes in Deluxe Junk (across from Burnt Sugar) was like a flashback to my days of “findings” and dress up. Except this time, I refrained from trying on hats and old gloves.

This is not a thrift store or Goodwill – it really is like a walking through a 1920’s house. I peeked through vintage letters, vintage jewelry, old family portraits, original radios, records…you get the point. Then I stumbled upon – you, you got it – the purses. So I scrounged through some fun ones, that I am sure a 1940’s gal grabbed for a night out on the town, and picked a beauty.


I like owning things with a story and memories. Some call that being a pack-rat. Call it what you will. Either way, I have a new addition, no – two additions – and one comes with a story, I just don’t know it. Its mine now and I will be happy to carry it with me when I head out with my 7727 (new address!!!) roomies.

http://www.yelp.com/biz/deluxe-junk-seattle (LOCAL REVIEWS)

In Fremont some time? Check it out: 3518 Fremont Pl N.

POINT OF THIS POST? I told you I was in love with this city, of course for many reasons beyond the shopping, but at the end of the day it still is fun to walk through my doors and plop my unique finding on the floor and show the girls. If you can, shop the local shops – it’s fun.  But hey, Nordstrom did after all begin in Seattle.

~ by Andria on June 23, 2009.

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