i’m coming out.

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Hello out there.

It is kind of odd writing, not knowing just who will be skimming through my thoughts. I sit here, eager and excited to start a continual virtual tour through my mind, in the form of a blog. There are many reasons to create a blog: news feed, diary, product awareness, a die-hard passion for all things Egyptian; and that is just the beauty of blogs – they serve to be an outlet for whatever you so choose. I think it is quite a relevant time in my life to get this blog-ball rollin. I have just graduated –hence – will no longer have days filled with assignments and readings, but really I have wanted to do this for quite some time.

I often have things on my mind I just have to share with someone, what a more appropriate way to do so than in a blog? At lease this way, I won’t be taking up the time of someone who is pretending to have an interest in what I’m saying. Come’on, no one likes the politically correct “listening while not listening” trick. I hereby promise, in my “blogging code of conduct”, that I aim to never be a narcissistic writer who gives you unnecessary details about what I made for breakfast (although I do love my oatmeal), but instead give you relevant content and interesting opinions –concocted by yours truly as well as sources that I admire and read.  I’m not saying there will not be personal material, you are after all reading MY blog, let’s just say I swear to use discretion with the personal info and menu descriptions.  This will not – I repeat, will not – be a blog about one definite topic. I cannot claim in advance of the posting topics I will submit. My mind often flounders time to time – from breaking news, travel, Seattle to-do’s (man – I love my city), politics, family matters, good deals, girly hoopla, and countless things in between – anyways, who wants to read a blog all about Egypt? I like to mix it up a little, so I’m gonna.

I’m all about grand entrances: a company to the industry, a bride to her groom, a movie release to its fanatical fans – and this is mine. With this *click* I enter the electronic-virtual-never-disappearing world of blogging. Ok, I realize this is not as climactic as the next release of Twilight, but still – this is my debut and I am thrilled to bring my thoughts to conception, here with you, whoever you are.




1.)    While I will always do my best to use correct grammar, spelling, and APA format (haha) – I do want to write with my own zing and zang – which means I may throw a “gonna” or super exaggeration into my commentary. I am going to write this as if I was having a conversation with you. If anything, it’s like were spending time together just as we would over coffee. Mmmm coffee.

2.)    I get passionate. I am blessed with a strong conviction. While you may think my passion is misdirected (like for wire, never plastic hangers) or that my conviction is over the top – I do not apologize – although, I will always be respectful and try not to step on any toes. I just want to talk with my real voice, I happen to think it’s refreshing when people do so.

3.)    I would love for you to engage with me. As much as I enjoy writing and sharing, I don’t usually talk to myself in a mirror and would prefer to not type into a black hole. If you like something (or don’t), want to ask a question, or provide feedback – PLEASE do.  Don’t be embarrassed, or afraid, or whatever else is holding you back. Please, have a voice.

4.)    I start this with the hope that my writing ability will be strengthened, my perspective stretched and challenged, my written-wit developed, and to connect with anyone that finds my thoughts, well, thoughtful. Let’s go.

ok. one LAST thing. I have this uber-obsession with this thing called perfectionism-indecisivism. I MUST overcome this, and I am hoping that daily posts and choices will help me. After all, I cannot waste 18 minutes on a font color. again.



~ by Andria on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “i’m coming out.”

  1. Congrats on your blog! Now you’ll have to follow mine 🙂

  2. Perfect!

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